Alan Perry
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Biographical Note:

Alan Perry is a poet, painter and short story writer, living and working in Wales.


Characters (Christopher Davies, Wales,1969)
Live Wires (Christopher Davies, Wales,1970)
Fires on the Common (Christopher Davies, Wales, 1975)
Winter Bathing (Castaway Press, 1980)
Road Up and Other Stories (Edge Press, 1977)
55999 and Other Stories, (Castaway Press,1978)
To Liu and All Mankind (Tooth and Nail Press, 1995)
Music You Don't Normally Hear (Alun Books, 1998)
LMNTRE Poems by Vernon Watkins illustrated by
Alan Perry (Ty Llen Press, 1998)


one-man shows:

Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, 1977.
The Bridge Gallery, University of South Glamorgan, 1989.
The Dylan Thomas Theatre, Swansea, 1991
Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, 1993.
Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, 1995.
Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, 1998.

Exposure Gallery, Swansea, 2006.


Albany Gallery, Cardiff, 1967.
Association of Artists and Designers in Wales.
Welsh National Eisteddfodd (three times).
Wales Open, Aberystwyth, 1996.
Swansea Open (seven times)
Artavia Gallery, Caerleon.

Welsh Drawing Biennale 2005

His writing has appeared in numerous magazines, periodicals and anthologies, including:

The Sunday Times, Poetry Wales, The New Welsh Review, Planet, Poetry London/Apple Magazine, Cambrensis, Roundyhouse, New Poetry 3, Poetry Wales 25 Years, Green Horse, The Poet's House, A Swansea Anthology, Over Milk Wood, Love From Wales and Poetry 1900-2000: one hundred poets of Wales (Library of Wales, 2008)
It has been broadcast on both TV and radio, and in 1998 he was one of the subjects of a BBC2 documentary called "Sea Views".

He has given frequent public readings of his work in this country and abroad and is a past winner of the Eric Gregory Award for poetry and the Leslie Moore Award for painting.For more of his work online see the LINKS page and also:,,,,,,,,,,,, ArtQ.Net and

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Alan Perry's latest book is now available from Moonstone Press; the Welsh Books Council; most bookshops or direct from 209pp. £7.99. His New and Selected Stories, Days of the Comet, (2007)is now available from bookshops or direct from For more artwork by Alan Perry (over 150 images), see under the username of PERRY Alan.

some early reviews of DAYS OF THE COMET:

'Perkins is a deeply sympathetic character despite his flaws...terribly moving but also funny.' A.M.Hobson in Blue Tattoo.

'The charm of Perry's writing rests in its acute observation of human nature and frailty, the richness that he brings to the mundanity of the ordinary and his ear for the nuance of ordinary speech. The prose is effortless, the wit organic to the characters and setting and the peripheral cast as eccentric a bunch as you will find anywhere this side of Dickens. If you've ever wondered what old poets do when they don't die then Perkins will show you.' Mike Somers in 'Writer's Muse'.

'...crafted, amusing and very entertaining...Perkins comes to life on the page...' Peter Thabit Jones in 'Seventh Quarry.'

'Get a copy. It's a gem!' Mike Jenkins in 'Red Poets.'

' of the great excluded.' Peter Finch.


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Alan Perry with the Amigos. "Poetry in the Square", Castle Square, Swansea, Summer, 1999.

(photo: Bernard Mitchell)