Poems for Children
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Solomon Scupper

This is the tale of Solomon Scupper
Sent up to bed with nothing for supper

For doing something really quite awful
Opening the jam and stealing a pawful

Locking the cat in the washing machine
Spreading the budgie with stork margarine

Nailing the dog by its tail to the floor
And various deeds we should all deplore.

Alone in the gloom of his little room
Death by starvation his probable doom

He could hear the grown-ups eating downstairs:
Kippers and custard and chocolate eclairs

Barbecued slug and fillet of spider
Ladybird beer and beetle-juice cider

Grasshopper pie and centipede puddies
Dragonfly mousse and other such goodies.

In vain to protest, in vain to grumble
He listened for hours to his tummy rumble

Hunger pangs growing stronger and stronger
Until, unable to stand it much longer,

He nibbled his nail right down to the quick
And finding the taste seemed to do the trick

Decided to try a finger or two
(For he new he had ten and could spare a few)

And to his delight they tasted quite nice
Surprisingly sweet with a hint of spice.

His hand was nice, too, and so was his arm
And, since he thought he could come to no harm,

On he went right up to his shoulder
All the time getting bolder and bolder

Until both arms were gone. Still not replete
He gnawed on his toes and nibbled his feet

Right up to the ankles and on to the knees
Then up to the thighs and after these,

Done with his bottom he started his top
He was so delicious he couldn't stop...

The sun rose up and brought a new day
And with it his mother with food on a tray.

She mounted the stairs and tapped on his door
Expecting to hear his familiar snore

Expecting to see his dear little head
Asleep on the pillow, tucked up in bed


Alas and Alack! It was not to be
For the sight that met her was ghastly to see:

All that was left of poor Solly Scupper
Was a pair of jaws - lower and upper

With teeth that were set in a horrible grin
There on the floor when his mother went in.

The Goat of Many Colours

is on a diet.
Yesterday, he stuffed himself with rainbows
for hours and hours.

So today, beware! Don't feed him anything but air, air
and more air, and occasional
sunshine and showers.

Poem for Children

Salt is sweet.
The sun rises at midnight.
A thermometer is a musical instrument.
A second is longer than a year.
Silver is more valuable than gold.
To make a circle you must lift the pencil off the paper.
You look at the stars through a microscope.